Kitchee Academy Application Form


  1. 1. 本學院歡迎6至18歲男/女子之新生報名;
  2. 2. 本學院所提供之課程在符合要求的出席率前提下均為免費;
  3. 3. 選拔時間將不定期進行,有興趣者可按照以下步驟完成申請。本學院於稍後時間會以電郵通知閣下選拔之詳情(屆時不設即場報名);
  4. 4. 本學院的教練將根據參加者各方之能力作出評審,結果最後將全權由本學院決定;
  5. 5. 如有任何查詢,歡迎致電 +852-2838-9326。

Note to Parents / Guardians:

  1. 1. Kitchee Academy (the Academy) welcomes all applications from the age of 6 to 18;
  2. 2. All programs in the Academy are tuition-free for participants subject to the required attendance rate is met;
  3. 3. Trials will be held from time to time. Interested candidates may submit the application as described below. Trial details will be sent via email in due course. Please note that on-site applications will not be entertained;
  4. 4. This trial aims to provide a comprehensive evaluation by the Academy coaches, and the result is at the sole discretion of the Academy;
  5. 5. Should you have further enquiries, please feel free to contact us at +852-2838-9326.

申請步驟 :

  1. 1. 網上填妥申請表格
  2. 2. 網上申請後收到確認電郵

Application Procedure:

  1. 1. Complete the online application form
  2. 2. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address


  1. 1. 本人證明上述球員身體並無任何疾病令他不宜參加是次活動,倘於活動期間或往返途中發生意外,包括死亡、受傷或財物損失,本人及上述球員將自行承擔一切責任。
  2. 2. 本人證明上述球員同意和願意遵守活動規則並服從學院職員的指引。
  3. 3. 本人同意學院使用在活動中的相片、影像及活動紀錄作任何合法及正當用途。


  1. 1. I confirm that the player is physically suitable for the activities. I also understand that the Academy should not be liable to any accident, resulting in death or injury, or for any damage to or loss of personal properties before, during and after the Trial.
  2. 2. I confirm that the player has agreed to obey all the regulations as set by the Academy staff.
  3. 3. I agree that the Academy has the right to use all photos, videos and recordings of this event for any legal and proper purposes.

收集個人資料聲明 :

閣下提供的個人資料將用作傑志(體育管理)有限公司日後宣傳或市場推廣之用。如您不欲收到傑志(體育管理)有限公司的其他宣傳單張或資料,或要求取得及修改閣下的個人資料,請聯絡 +852-2838 9326 或 電郵至

Collection of Personal Data :

The personal data received may be used by Kitchee (Sports Management) Limited for promotion or marketing use. If you wish to opt out from such promotional materials, or wish to receive or modify the collected personal information, please contact +852-2838-9326, or email to

本人同意以上申請條款 I agree to the terms listed above